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First gynaecological examination – stress that can be avoided

Being a woman comes with many privileges, but also responsibilities and risks, which is why everyone who has a daughter tries to teach her from an early age to set boundaries – including physical ones. It goes without saying that others are not allowed to invade our personal space without permission, but what if this zone must be broken in the name of taking care of our health? How to talk to a young woman about the first gynaecological examination and how to make it non-traumatic?

The first step to success will be to talk to the mother, who will tell the girl how the examination is going to look like and how she herself feels during the visit. During the conversation, it is worth discussing the topic of discomfort experienced by most women during the examination, which is associated with revealing private parts of the body, as well as the doctor’s questions that may cause embarrassment. It is important to provide information that it is not worth lying to the doctor, because all the information obtained during the interview is used for the sake of the patient’s health. A young woman should also know that she can feel comfortable asking questions that bother her about intimate matters. It is here that she will obtain the most reliable information.

The next step will be to find the right specialist who knows how to conduct such first appointment so as to encourage the young girl to take care of her health regularly and explain at the beginning what the visit will look like (/ what-the-gynaecologist-visit-looks-like /).

When is the best time for the first visit?

According to Polish Society of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians( ) from 2016, the first visit to the gynaecologist should take place between the age of 12 and 15, when usually the girl has already had her first menstrual period. The examination is performed to assess the course of the menstrual cycle and, in consultation with the child’s parents, to implement prophylactic vaccinations against HPV.
If a young woman develops a strong fear of examination, which she cannot cope with, it is worth consulting a specialist – a psychologist, who will show ways to cope with stress and will take care of emotional strengthening, which will be important in overcoming the feeling of embarrassment.

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