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Functional anorectal manometry

Functional anorectal manometry

Functional Anorectal Manometry – is a rectal diagnostic test used for both women and men to determine the cause of the following complaints:

  • persistent constipation (despite an adequate diet) in order to diagnose another possible cause, e.g. sphincter dysfunction,
  • lowering of the rectum,
  • retention of stool (feeling of incomplete defacation),
  • frequent defacation in small amounts,
  • pain during defacation,
  • bowel incontinence,
  • gas incontinence,
  • suspected damage to the anal sphincters after surgery or childbirth,
  • after rectal oncological surgery.

Functional anorectal manometry, involves the examination of the physiological reflexes of the rectum, anal canal and anal sphincters and the identification of the cause of the abnormalities. Manometry helps to define:

  • resting pressure in the anal canal and rectum
  • pressure in the anal canal and rectum during the push test
  • activity of the anal sphincter muscles during defecation (correct closure and opening of the anus during the push test)
  • strength and length of pelvic floor muscle contractions
  • physiological anal sphincter reflexes (possible sphincter dysynergia)
  • rectal capacity in ml (to determine whether there is a physiological capacity or a disorder)
  • rectal filling sensation thresholds in ml

The examination is painless and performed with Phenix Liberty equipment. The patient is in a lying position on the left side. The patient’s task is to flex the pelvic floor muscles at the appropriate moment, then relax them and perform a push test (which reproduces the physiological reflex of passing stool). The parameters recorded on the screen and the curves that appear on the graph will give us a precise indication of the physiology or disturbed functions. This will make it possible to find the cause of the patient’s complaints.

The diagnostics includes:

  • Medical interview with the patient
  • Manometric evaluation using Phenix Liberty and anorectal pressure probe
  • Review of manometric results with the patient
  • Proposal to commence the process of anorectal physiotherapy to restore normal function of the sphincter system.

Preparation for manometry: The patient should apply laxatives (such as glycerine suppositories or an enema) 3 hours before the consult so that the rectum is empty and the test result is not erroneous.

Duration of the consultation and the diagnostics: up to 30 minutes

Price: PLN 450

Treatment dedicated to: women and men

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