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What can you expect?

At Medfemina Health Centre we focus, above all, on the quality of the services we provide. Since 2011, we have been providing our patients in Wrocław with gynaecological and obstetric services at the highest and unchanging level. At the beginning of 2018, all ultrasound machines in our Centre were replaced with the world’s most modern ultrasound machines VOLUSON E8 BT18, at the time of replacement the best and most modern ultrasound machines in Wroclaw. Learn more here.

All the above means that when visiting our facility, our patients can be assured that:

  • they will go to a high-class specialist, will be thoroughly diagnosed, and the consulting doctor will have enough time to provide any explanations and answer any questions they may have,
  • thanks to the latest generation of medical equipment and diagnostic methods, they will be examined comprehensively without being sent to other facilities. Our approach means great time savings for patients and streamlines the diagnostic process.
  • Our patients save a lot of time because of the modern reservation system used by our centre. This fully automated system allows the patient to self-register on-line and select a convenient appointment. After registering via text message, or email, the system will confirm your reservation, remind you of your appointment time, and follow-up appointments. The system, based on the best practices in medical facilities, reduces the waiting time for an appointment to a minimum.
  • The time before and during the visit will be spent by our patients and their relatives in a nice atmosphere and a pleasant interior of our centre, designed to provide a sense of comfort and intimacy during the examination.
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