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Ultrasound examination (USG)

Ultrasound examination (USG) is a non-invasive examination consisting in obtaining a real-time image of the cross-section of the examined object.

This method uses the phenomenon of propagation and reflection of ultrasound waves at the border of structures of different densities, thus enabling the assessment of the size, shape and structure of the examined organ.

We offer our clients a full spectrum of ultrasound examinations using the latest generation of ultrasound equipment by the world leader in the production of this type of equipment – General Electric. Medfemina performs all tests on Voluson E8 BT18 2D/3D/4D. The Voluson E8 ultrasound also provides vascular flow imaging and XTD-View panoramic imaging.

Our offer includes:

Ultrasound in gynaecology –  it enables the evaluation of structures and organs in the area of the pelvis minor (uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries, bladder, large intestine). The examination can be performed using a transabdominal transducer, which requires filling the bladder, or a transvaginal transducer with an empty bladder.

A gynaecologic ultrasound should be performed at least once a year.

Ultrasound in obstetrics – allows you to confirm pregnancy, visualize and locate the embryo, evaluate the growth and development of the foetus, and assess the correctness of its organs and anatomical structures. It provides an opportunity to identify possible defects and developmental anomalies and to assess its welfare. The examination can be performed using a transabdominal or vaginal transducer. In pregnant women, the use of a transabdominal transducer does not require filling the bladder.

According to the recommendations of the Polish Gynaecological Society (PTG), the International Society of Ultrasonography in Gynaecology and Obstetrics (ISUOG) and the Foetal Medicine Foundation (FMF), ultrasound examination during pregnancy (regardless of whether the patient belongs to the high-risk group and has indications for prenatal diagnostics) should be performed at least 3 times:

  • in the 11th to 14th week of pregnancy
  • in the 18th to 26th week of pregnancy
  • after the 30th week of pregnancy
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