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Perinatal psychotherapy

Monika Goriaczko – Psychotherapist

Perinatal psychotherapy is a help addressed to women and both parents who need support during the period of difficulties in trying to have a baby, during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Trying to have a baby, pregnancy, childbirth and the first years of life are a special time for parents, especially for the mother (pregnancy, birth, puerperium, return to work)

This beautiful and joyful time can be difficult and demanding at the same time.

In a short period of time, a lot of changes occur in life, which are accompanied by many intense feelings, sometimes difficult and surprising. Parents may experience many tensions or feel lonely or misunderstood by those around them.

Psychotherapy helps you better understand yourself and your functioning, and adapt to a new situation.

Meetings of couples are used to learn good partner communication, communication between parents – children and parents – in-laws. Faced with the new challenge of parenthood, it is worth being able to consciously experience and understand the changes taking place in your personal life and in the family system.

Pregnant women, postpartum women, mothers of young children, parenting couples, and couples after perinatal losses are most welcome.

Consultation in Russian is possible for Russian-speaking people.

Psychotherapy is an offer for women who:

  • are very afraid of childbirth,
  • have difficulty accepting their condition or the limitations and changes in the body associated with it.
  • have an unfavourable diagnosis (pregnancy at risk)
  • fear that it will be difficult for them to find their way in a new role or to bond with their child,
  • experience difficulties in caring for an infant,
  • have a lot of intense feelings and feel lost,
  • have the impression that they do not have a bond with a child,
  • have had a difficult birth behind them,
  • experience postpartum depression
  • have feeding difficulties which makes them feel guilty
  • had a difficult relationship with their mother in childhood,

Psychotherapy is an offer for parents:

  • when problems with getting pregnant affect their relationship
  • when, despite the proper course of pregnancy, parents are accompanied by constant anxiety about the unborn child,
  • when childbirth was a difficult, traumatic experience (perinatal complications, premature birth),
  • giving birth was an experience of loss (miscarriage or premature death),
  • difficulties arise in the mother, father or both parents: in finding themselves in new roles, in fulfilling new tasks related to motherhood, fatherhood, understanding the needs of their child, or in taking care of their child
  • when symptoms that meet the criteria for postpartum depression appear.



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