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4D ultrasound – is a three-dimensional imaging in real time, allows observation of foetal body movements, its „breathing” movements, facial grimaces, the work of its heart.

Obtaining such spatial visualization of the foetus „in motion” in the form of a video allows parents to make the first contact with their unborn child. For the obstetrician, 4D imaging is a tool that allows a more accurate assessment of foetal morphology, and sometimes to visualize some subtle abnormalities or minor developmental anomalies that are not always visible in 2D imaging, but are important especially in the diagnosis and treatment of chromosomal and genetic abnormalities.

4D ultrasound is the most „spectacular” obstetric examination, with a little luck we can see the smile of our baby still in the womb. Due to the great emotions caused by this examination in parents, we record the course of the examination on a DVD so that the family can enjoy the first pictures of the child also after returning home.

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