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First gynaecological examination – stress that can be avoided

Being a woman comes with many privileges, but also responsibilities and risks, which is why everyone who has a daughter tries to teach her from an early age to set boundaries – including physical ones. It goes without saying that others are not allowed to invade our personal space without permission, but what if this zone must be broken in the name of taking care of our health? How to talk to a young woman about the first gynaecological examination and how to make it non-traumatic?

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Idiopathic infertility – what if medicine fails?

Infertility, the causes of which cannot be established, concerns even
15-20% couples unsuccessfully trying to have a child. What if, when full infertility diagnostics (/infertility-diagnostics/) shows that you are ready, and yet conception does not take place… Perhaps the reason for the difficulty lies somewhere else – in your head?

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Perinatal trauma – how to deal with it?

Each of the women planning a child also thinks about this, often the most difficult moment at the end of the waiting period – childbirth. A sense of security, belief in the best willingness and competence of people helping you through this period, is key.

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Miscarriage – How to Deal With Loss?

Perfect waiting stages for a child is of course: two lines on a pregnancy test, the first ultrasound tests and joy while listening to the beating of a tiny heart, subsequent standard tests up to the expected date of delivery to welcome a new, little human to the world. But what if this chain of events is suddenly interrupted?

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