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Technical equipment

Medfemina Health Centre, from the very beginning of its activity, has become the leader of the medical market in the field of technical equipment.

Ultrasound equipment

Already in 2011, the Centre was equipped with the latest generation of ultrasound machines VOLUSON E6 by GE. The top-class ultrasound machine is the must-have of a professional gynaecologist-obstetrician. Only the best technically possible quality of ultrasound imaging allows 100% use of the knowledge potential of our medical team and is an indispensable element in making an accurate diagnosis and implementing the correct treatment.

In early 2018, after seven years of our business operation, Medfemina Health Centre replaced all ultrasound machines with the Voluson E8 BT18 model. At the time of replacement, the Volusons E8 BT18 were the most modern ultrasound machines for gynaecological and obstetric diagnostics in the world and the only ones of this configuration in Wrocław (the status as of March 2018).  It is also important that all of our offices are equipped with the same GE Voluson E8. This means that no matter which doctor or office our patients go to, they can be sure that the ultrasound will always be performed on the world’s highest quality equipment. All devices feature HD Live function for the most impressive 3D/4D photos and videos. Upon request, films and photos can be downloaded onto DVDs, memory sticks or e-mailed directly from the device.

For our most sensitive patients and the smallest patients (newborn ultrasound), we offer the possibility to heat the ultrasound gel in a special heater. In the case of neonatal ultrasound examinations, including hip ultrasound, heating the gel is standard. For adult patients, please notify the midwives at the front desk of your special sensitivity before going to the office for your appointment.

You can see the technical capabilities of our new cameras in the photo gallery below.



Speculum and other disposable equipment, sterilization of reusable instruments.

Whenever possible, we use disposable, sterile instruments and speculums at the Medfemina Health Centre. Our equipment also includes XXS speculums prepared for use in the case of particularly sensitive patients or the youngest patients. In the case of reusable instruments, they are sterilized in our sterilization room, under the supervision of our midwives and under the control of biological and chemical tests of the effectiveness of the sterilization process. Our sterilization room is subject to regular, quarterly control of the effectiveness of the sterilization process, conducted by the Wrocław branch of SANEPID.

Video colposcope

The Medfemina Health Centre is also equipped with a high-class video colposcope. The video colposcope is a device that allows to perform, in an outpatient setting, colposcopy – a test for the early detection of cervical cancer, precancerous conditions and other cervical diseases. The image recorded by the video colposcope is then sent to a special software on the doctor’s computer, where the final evaluation is performed to make the correct diagnosis. After the examination, the patient receives a report with colour photographs.

CTG equipment – cardiotocograph

The equipment of the Medfemina Health Centre is complemented by two high-class CTG devices for examining the foetal heart rate in the last stage of pregnancy. In the comfortable conditions of our offices, before or after the actual doctor’s visit, our midwives will perform a CTG test and report the results to your doctor.

Premises of the Medfemina Health Centre

Welcome to the Medfemina Health Centre – your gynaecologist in Wrocław!



Our patients and their relatives have at their disposal a comfortable waiting room equipped with two TV sets. At the request of our guests, we serve coffee from the machine. All doctors’ offices and the reception area are air-conditioned. Our patients have at their disposal the most popular monthly magazines for men and women, always up-to-date, and we also offer access to wi-fi. All offices provide the possibility of using cabins of women hygiene with ascending shower (bidet).  Our patients are examined on electrically controlled Golem gynaecological chairs, which makes it easier for patients with limited mobility to get onto the chair and significantly facilitates gynaecological examinations for doctors.

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