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Urogynaecological physiotherapy

At Medfemina, we focus on the highest quality of care for patients, therefore gynaecological physiotherapy plays an equally important role among our services.

Urogynaecological physiotherapy (read more) deals  with the restoration of function and efficiency in the pelvic area in women. It is an important link supporting treatment after gynaecological procedures and support in many dysfunctions of the myofascial system in the small pelvis. Physiotherapy becomes helpful as a conservative and supportive treatment in cases of:

  • urinary incontinence
  • urinary urgency
  • lowering of the reproductive organs
  • weakness or increased tension in the pelvic floor muscles
  • painful sexual intercourse
  • painful menstruation
  • preparation for gynaecological procedures
  • physiotherapy after gynaecological procedures
  • scar treatment after caesarean section or episiotomy (read more).
  • support in the treatment of endometriosis
  • after hernia treatments (umbilical, abdominal, inguinal)
  • after surgery to remove a stretch mark of the rectal abdominal muscles
  • after childbirth as a consultation, the so-called: Functional postpartum diagnostics(read more).

In our Centre, patients can also count on the invaluable help of a physiotherapist during pregnancy – physiotherapy in pregnancy (read more) and after childbirth – Physiotherapy after childbirth (read more).

Patients may refer for help in cases of:

  • pain in the area of the symphysis pubis and groin during pregnancy and after childbirth
  • emerging back pain and sciatic neuralgia
  • the need to prepare for childbirth (working with the pelvic floor, with breathing, delivery positions)
  • the need for support in developing exercises dedicated to the period of pregnancy
  • scar mobilisation after caesarean section
  • postnatal physiotherapy needs

Physiotherapy at our Centre is provided by a highly qualified and experienced, certified Urogynaecological Physiotherapist Izabela Ślęzak-Walczybok, MSc (read more).

Urogynecological physiotherapyCostDuration
Physiotherapy during pregnancyPLN 180-25045 min
Physiotherapeutic urogynecological diagnostics /EMG/ BIOFEEDBACKPLN 33070 min
Postpartum physiotherapyPLN 18045 min
Physiotherapy in the diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles PLN 180-25045 min
Physiotherapy of the scar after caesarean section and perineal incisionPLN 18045 min
Urogynaecological physiotherapy
- urinary incontinence
- lowering of the reproductive organ
- urgency
- painful menstruation
- painful intercourse
- pelvic pain
- pre- and post-operative physiotherapy
- individual exercise programme
PLN 18045 min
Kinesiotaping (kinesiology tapes applied during the appointment)+ PLN 30 surcharge for the appointment
Kinesiotaping - replacement of kinesiology tapesPLN 10015 min
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