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This is a state-of-the-art urogynaecological physiotherapy equipment used for:

  • urogynaecological physiotherapy diagnostics,
  • pelvic floor therapy,
  • pelvic floor pain,
  • preventive treatment of urinary incontinence,
  • preventative treatment of overactive bladder,
  • support for preventive treatment of lowering of the reproductive organs,
  • muscular atrophy,
  • therapies for
  • bowel and gas incontinence
  • pain during intercourse

Manufactured in France, by experts, engineers, specialising in pelvic floor therapy. And as France is a country with more than 40 years of experience in

urogynaecological physiotherapy, they can be considered to have the know-how. The equipment works wirelessly via bluetooth.

Phenix Liberty functionalities:

  1. FULL FUNCTIONAL DIAGNOSTICS – the application of EMG, BIOFEEDBACK, FUNCTIONAL TESTS makes diagnosis more complete, more accurate, and therefore more effective.


  1. ELECTROMIOGRAPHY (EMG) – An examination to accurately visualise the resting activity of the pelvic floor muscles (tension at rest when e.g. lying down, standing) and the abdominal wall, which will accurately identify irregularities or abnormalities in resting pelvic floor muscle contraction (too low resting tonus or muscle hypertonia). The test also allows one to visualise the reflex activity of the pelvic floor muscles when e.g. coughing, walking, jumping. The curves displayed on the chart show what state of activity the pelvic floor muscles are in, under real conditions. The examination is painless and the only thing needed is a vaginal probe and the PHENIX apparatus.


  1. EMG BIOFEEDBACK – A non-invasive, painless and an interesting method based on biological feedback for conscious learning, management of pelvic floor muscle contraction tension and relaxation, quality of contraction, compensation and restoration of lost function within the pelvic floor muscles. The therapy is based on the use of self-adhesive abdominal electrodes and a probe. The programme, individually tailored to the patient, displays games with various obstacles on the screen, and thus teaches the patient how to manage the pelvic floor muscles (based on the principle: the eye sees, the brain transmits to the pelvic floor muscles). The therapy programme is always selected on an individual basis following a diagnostic procedure to determine the needs.


  1. ELECTROSTIMULATION – another non-invasive and painless method of physiotherapeutic work involving stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles through the use of appropriate currents. Electrostimulation is applied for:
    • poor muscle tension requiring external stimulation,
    • bowel and gas incontinence,
    • urinary incontinence
    • overactive bladder,
    • excessive muscle tension,
    • pain during intercourse,
    • flow disorders, in the form of gentle drainage currents.

For the application of electrotherapy, a well-conducted diagnosis is necessary beforehand so that the parameters of electrostimulation are matched to the patient. For electrotherapy, the patient only needs an individual vaginal probe.

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